Why Explainer Videos Have The Best ROI?

Video Marketing has become a trend now with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Having become a crucial part of marketing today – Video can have a critical impact on your business; be it branding, customer engagement or promotion, videos are everywhere. Video is the most consumed media format on the Internet and is increasingly becoming more and more of an immersive rich experience by the second.

Having an animated explainer corporate video in Toronto not only helps you to drive traffic to your website bit also spread a word about what your company offers. It also works as a  powerful tool for promoting and selling your product or services. Watching a good animated marketing video can make your visitor feel compelling to buy what you have to sell.


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In this article, we will discuss why explainer videos have the best ROI in great detail.

  • Multiply Conversion Rate

Conversions are what primarily drive your ROI and Animated Explainer Videos are great at ensuring conversions. Most of the audience are more likely to buy a product if they saw an explainer video first. A right explainer video will combine dedicated target insights, narratives and characters for optimum results.


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  • Reduce Bounce Rates

Poor SEM efforts result in a high bounce rate. But video can change the game. Search engines actively prioritize video content as more credible and sites embedded with video tend to appear higher on the search list. Plus having a video i.e. shoot by professional videographer of Toronto on your homepage also brings in more visitors and increases the session lengths further signalling the search engine that your sire credible. This improves your SEO rankings and makes it easier to find. As people start spending more time on your website, your chances of converting them increases.


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  • Make great branding material

Custom illustrations and animations always provide you with a unique branding look that you need. Animations can help you define your brand. This involves choosing your colour palettes to match your brand image, creating characters that your audience identifies with and telling your story with a script that reflects your big idea.

A simple explainer video can go a long way in making your brand a recognizable one on your industry and establishing you as a thought leader in the market that consumers can trust. This, in turn, drives your sales and gives you a great return on your investment. Check out here to learn how to make an explainer video in great detail.