Tips for Choosing High-Performance Flatbed Printer

Flatbed printer called multifunctional printer which can be characterized by a flat surface upon which the above-placed material is printed. It can print anything like paper, photographs, plastic also large surfaces such as tiles, bed sheets, etc.

The flatbed printer can be available easily in the market but it is necessary to research properly before buying anything and if you want to know more about the flatbed printer you can refer to . Choosing the right printer is vital so here are necessary tips that can be used while buying a new printer

flatbed printer


  1. Resolution:

The first thing which we consider while choosing a printer is a resolution. The resolution of any printer should be very high. Generally, the resolution of the printer ranges from 360 DPI to 2880 DPI but you can get a good flatbed printer above 540 DPI.  

The first way to check the printing resolution of the printer is by printing the very small letters and if the printed material can be seen without any blur effect then this is the good printer Secondly, you can print on the same paper twice without moving the paper if two times printing matched then this is the right printer and if not you should go for another one..

  1.  Continuous working:

The feature of continuous working can help in gaining more profit for the buyer. At least the printer should work 8 hours per day. For any organization where the prints are taken out on a daily basis, it is essential that the printer must be in good working condition. So always choose a UV flatbed printer that is made up of flatbed material and gears.

flatbed printer


  1. Inks

In printers,  ink is an important component, and there are different types of inks available in the market such as:

  • The ink that needs coating

This type of ink needs coating on the printing material before printing. This type of ink has a very bad smell that can pollute our environment. This type of ink generally made in China.

  • Direct Ink

This type of ink is made in Korea and this ink has stronger stabilities and there is no need to coat the printing material before printing.

  • waterbased inks

This type of ink is basically used in the textile industry. This ink cannot be used in t-shirt printing.


flatbed printer

So these are some important tips while buying a flatbed printer. If you want to read about printers can read this news. Always remember on the thing that if you are buying a printer a low cost then its service cost should be also low.